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National Football League

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveA View Post
    Patricia was one of the good guys. If they had to lose, glad it was him. The Pats may snap out of it like they've done in the past but somehow I don't think it's going to happen. A lousy defense and lousy pass blocking. Either one can hurt a team but both will sink it!!
    I think it's going to be a long season for the Pats this year Dave and I blame it all on Belichik for him putting his ego before the team and benching Butler in the Superbowl against the Eagles. I think he lost a lot of his veteran guys with that move including Brady and Gronk.

    Quote Originally Posted by PopsnTuff View Post
    Was a great triumph on Sunday for the Redskins (my area team) winning 37-17 over the Packers who got sloppy, missed a few fumbles and overthrew three times....I get an itch to watch football every now and then as Ive always enjoyed the sport, having all brothers and uncles who taught me the game way back when .... think I'll follow all their games as a dedicated fan I can pretend to be, lol....
    Some years I only view Superbowl and half time show.....
    Redskins used to be my 2nd favorite team back in the 70's and 80' when the Patriots were terrible. Loved the Hogs, Riggos Rangers and the Funbunch back then!

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    I was flipping through T V channels, happened to come across a short scene of football players running onto the field & suddenly unexpectedly felt repulsed--but not by the honorable men football players who take a stand during the singing of the American National Anthem, but by the hypocrite 'wrong place, wrong time' kneelers. I was actually surprised by my reaction. Ah well. stupid is as stupid does--kneeling at that time and at that place anyway.

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    Redskins are 5 wins and 2 losses so far....Sunday's game was great...two interceptions by both teams (Cowboys) in the third quarter....
    they're looking good this year....and I enjoy watching the game with the sound muted, lol....the stats at the bottom of the screen tell me everything
    Goodbye November, hello December....with all your twinkling lights and winter beauty upon us.....

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