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If You Learned One Of Your Parents Was Unfaithful What Would You Do?

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    I certainly would not bring it up! It wouldn't be any of my business in the first place and might do irreparable damage to the parents' relationship. I think it would be very cruel to bring it up and I don't see how it would do any conceivable good for anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmdog44 View Post
    Let's say your parents were in their 80s and you found positive proof one of them had a brief affair way back when they were young. Would you do or say anything to them or blow it off as a nothing burger?
    A couple of words in this original post jump out at me - 'positive proof'. I have this vision of some old private detective's video-tape evidence. Does anyone have a VCR? Anything less would hardly be positive proof. Even discovering you are not the biological child of one parent doesn't necessarily mean an affair.
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    I wouldn't say anything at all to either parent.

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    WELL ITS NOT MY BIZZ ' grown up enough to sort it out i say,

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    I would do nothing EXCEPT if the 'proof' happened to be a DNA match showing that I had a sibling I knew nothing about. That would warrant a family discussion.

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    Now both of my parents are gone but, honestly, I'd think it was cool. It would surprise me though. I only remember one time that it was ever even mentioned. My dad had this hunch that my mom was cheating at her job. My sister and I were early teens, at the time. I remember me and my sis doing some figuring on how we could benefit if they split up.

    I know that sounds terrible but we did. Now I admit that I was never a good son. I hated being a kid. I ran away from home twice, the first time just to see an ocean and the second time to go to Mexico. Both times I left with very little money but managed to get jobs and hitch hike back home after a few weeks with money in my pockets. I didn't like depending on anyone, even parents.

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    I wouldn't ask either
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