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Do things taste different now that you're older

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    Do things taste different now that you're older

    I noticed this about two years ago. I have always loved chili powder as a seasoning but suddenly I developed a strong dislike of the taste of it in anything.

    This week I seem to have developed a strong dislike of anything with yeast in it (bread, donuts, beer) It all tastes kind of disgusting now. Suddenly I really, really like the taste of paprika. I've used paprika all my life but now that's what I want in my chili(I guess I'll have to call it papriki?), on my cottage cheese, on my fried eggs. It's crazy.
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    A lot of things don't taste as good as they used to. I generally credit that to the "healthier eating" movement that has ruined McDonald's french fries forever.

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    Has also ruined KFC forever!

    dkay, are you sure your paprika isn't smoked paprika? Because I could never in my life taste plain paprika, but the smoked paprika is really good, like you said, especially on eggs!

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    Many things taste extra salty to me because I cut way back on using salt. I also noticed that when companies buy out other companies the flavor of the food changes probably because they have found cheaper ingredients to make the product and the taste suffers.

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    I mostly taste things by memory these days, since sense of smell has declined.

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