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Describe your age in words.

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    had to take a bath in a gavanized bath tub by the big heater in the kitchen------------oooooooold

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    Connecticut USA
    Remembers when department store elevators were commandeered men in uniform.
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    London England
    I'm old enough to remember travelling in trains that had compartments with sliding doors in the corridor...old!!

    For some reason I can never see your photos GaryO... so could someone please C&P Gary;s photos into a post for me to see

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    I'm so old that I faced the elements when I went to the toilet as it was outside and the tin bath was hung on a hook close by.

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    Houston Y'all
    Squirming on a Saturday morning while my mother rolled my hair into a "Tonette" perm... old.

    "Get off my lawn."
    -- Walt Kowalkski

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    NYS and Florida winters
    Going to the ‘house’ in the winter, about 30 feet from the house. Pulling down shades and shutting off lights during the war years. Sitting with grandpa listening to Roosevelt giving his war speeches. Sitting on the one big round register to get warm and drying gloves and boots on the wood burning kitchen stove.

    Mixing the yellow stuff into the margarine to give it color. Helping with the old wringer washer down cellar. Many, many more memories still in my mind. I am so glad I can remember these things because now I can’t remember what I did yesterday.
    I ate beans and onions....ended up with tear gas.

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