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    Yes, that "friends" thing kind of knocked me for a loop at first also. This was several years ago, when Facebook was relatively new. I got a message saying that my own daughter wanted to be "friends." My reaction was,

    "WHAT?" Eventually I learned that "friends" has a different meaning on Facebook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keesha View Post
    Never had a Facebook account.
    Never want a Facebook account
    Same here.

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    I did get a FB account to try to contact a few ex-colleagues. This was partly successful, but I was getting swamped by totally irrelevant 'news' and messages from people I'd never heard of. Then there were the "John Doe is in McDonalds having a burger with two others. Here's a picture of the burger". I occasionally replied to the effect "Listen you dead brain. I don't know you - What makes you think that I give a #### what you're doing? Go and get a life!"

    I got fed up with this and just deleted my account. If anyone want's to contact me, they know where I am.
    We're not here for a long time. We're here for a good time

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    Quote Originally Posted by applecruncher View Post
    I have an account but only log on once every month or so for a few minutes to see what's going on with a few relatives. One friend seems to live on Facebook. What a life.

    I've seen threads on other sites where people are upset and go on and on ad nauseum because someone unfriended them or blocked them or whatever. That's so junior highschoolish and juvenile! There have been similar kerfluffles here at SF because of "friends" lists. Pitiful.
    Ad nauseam is probably the best word I learned today! Thanks!

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    From what I know of it, Facebook is much too big and not very private, I prefer smaller sites like this one personally but I appreciate, if you have family and friends worldwide, it would be a good way to all keep in touch

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