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For the very first time which item really frustrated you?

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    metric system. I was a mechanic and had a real time figuring out the metric system. seems funny now as it has become second nature, but, back then... no so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furryanimal View Post
    I avoid them like the plague.Horrible things.
    More and more of them are appearing at all kinds of stores.

    I love them. I hate standing in line while the clerk talks to the customer.

    And if I miss an item I can go back without having to stand in line again.

    You will see more and more of those self checkouts as the wages increase and there will be less checkout lanes.

    It's all about profit.

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    Have to go with sewing machine, I have a nearly new one sitting in the basement for years now. The few times I used it was frustrating and never pleasurable for me, took days to make some kitchen curtains instead of hours, and they didn't come out great.

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