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Calling all Artists...

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    Calling all Artists...

    I’m opening an Art Studio Group and hope you will join me, it’s for all members who enjoy any type of Art or creativity, not just to showcase our work, but to ask or offer advice, share new ideas and discuss experiences

    To join the group go to Community at the top of the page, then Groups in the drop down menu, once you have found the Art Studio click on Group Tools and subscribe

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    I'm as artistic as a rusty nail, but I'm looking forward to all the lovely postings from all of you talented people, whether it be 'noodies', or pictures of folk with ears sprouting from their eyebrows, or landscapes where humans are being stung by wasps.......oooooooooo-oo, I think I'll make a pot of tea and a round of toast.....

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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