This afternoon I went and saw,'The House with the Clock in the Wall'

The story is about a 10yrold boy,Lewis who recently lost his parents. He goes to live with his only relative,'strange' uncle Jonathan who lives in creepy house with a mysterious 'tick tock' clock hidden somewhere in the walls. Lewis doesn't know at first his uncle is a warlock, Jonathan's friend and next door neighbor,Mrs. Zimmerman is a witch
Lewis accidentally awakens the deceased,previous owner of the house'Issac Izard' who was a evil warlock and Jonathan's former friend.In the process the sleepy town they live in springs to life with secrets about witches/warlocks and curses.
I really enjoyed this movie, funny in some scenes, wonderful performances by Jack Black'Jonathan', Cate Blanchett'Mrs. Zimmerman',Owen Vaccaro'Lewis,Kyle MacLachlan as "Issac',.A perfect movie for Halloween season Sue