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How Do the Seasonal Changes Affect Your Mood?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keesha View Post
    I have read a lot about these lights but have never gotten myself one., Do you think they really help?
    Of course they probably would. From what Iíve read they give off the colour frequencies that are missing in the winter months which are absorbed through the skin. Iíd be willing to give it a try.

    Thank you for this tip.
    I had my friend send me a pic of her light. It's called a Verilux Happy Light. She says it's the only way to go, at least for her.


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    Thank you d kay. I think I will check them out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C'est Moi View Post
    I enjoy the different seasons but for some reason the holidays always bring me down. I could totally hole up and forget Thanksgiving through New Years; just a stressful time for me.

    Lately the mood of the country is more distressing to me than anything.
    I'm with you on the holiday bit.

    I was an office manager and it was impossible to get any work done when the holidays were approaching.

    People sure get carried away. I have always thought about going to Las Vegas when the holidays approach and come back when it's over.

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    Stuck inside of Mobile, with the Memphis Blues again.
    I feel more energetic in the fall and winter. I guess because of where I live, the winters are not that bad. Just cool and pleasant, while the long hot summer with it's heat and humidity makes me fell more lethargic. Although lethargic pretty much describes my permanent state. I'm definitely a type B. One thing I do hate with a passion is our arbitrary man made time changes. I get jet lag twice a year because of daylight savings time. I hear there is talk about making Daylight savings time permanent the year round. I'd be fine with that. I'd also be fine with not having it at all. Just get rid of the changes twice a year. That's all I ask.
    "Some velvet morning when I'm straight"

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    Where I live, there is very little change from one season to another.

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    I love spring and summer. Fall, not so much as it's a prelude to winter. I hate winter -- dark, cloudy, cold, snowy, icy. I take Zoloft from fall until spring to head off SAD. It works enough that I keep taking it.

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