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A Star is Born

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    A Star is Born

    This afternoon went to see "A Star is Born' which I think is the 4th remake I didn't like the '76 version with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson
    The story centers around Jackson Mane{Bradley Cooper} a hard rock singer who is addicted to pills and booze. He meets a waitress,Ally{Lady Gaga} in a little nightclub is totally smitten, and the rest is history. She becomes a mega star in her own right, jealousy ,his addictions sends his career in a tailspin pretty quickly.
    I've liked Bradley Cooper for quite awhile,seen most of his movies. I first discovered him when he was a co-star in my favorite spy TV show'Alias' he played Jennifer Garner's best friend,"Will Tippin' in the show. A couple of his cast mates have small parts in movie,Greg Grunberg plays his driver,Ron Riftkin plays his counselor in rehab
    This was a terrific movie with a wonderful cast.A couple surprises for me: Bradley can sing, nice to see Lady Gaga without all of her makeup on,has a great voice,really can belt out a song. In a brief supporting role,comedian Andrew Dice Clay plays Ally's father,almost didn't recognized him.Bradley does a good imitation of actor Sam Elliott,who ironically plays his older brother in movie

    Bradley co-wrote and makes his directorial debut with this movie. Sue
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    I am looking forward to seeing t after seeing Cooper on some of the talk shows plugging it. Loved Alias also with him. I wish they would release it again as it was the best show ever. Sam Elliott is also a favorite actor of mine.

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    I am looking forward to seeing it because I really like Bradley Cooper and Sam Elliott. Lady Gaga is also a cousin of a close friend of mine.
    I got bit by vampire and I liked it!
    Happy Halloween !

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