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Reputation Points

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia View Post
    This is the first forum for me where there was reputation points. But then, I haven't been on that many. They are nice to have to be recognized in some way, although at first I thought why not just post the comment to the thread instead of using the reputation point. After all, if you agree with someone I would think that would help the conversation along. It almost seemed to me that the reputation point with a comment was to be secretive about how one felt about what was said instead of outright agreeing or disagreeing (in a civil way, of course). And then it makes you feel like you should reciprocate no matter what. It's still a strange thing to me. But overall, I do like it.
    Because I live in a different time zone I often find myself reading posts long after the discussion has moved on. If I comment when I read a post I often find I am belatedly just repeating things that others has already said. A reputation point with a short comment seems more appropriate. This may be one of those occasions as I haven't read through to the end yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by applecruncher View Post
    @ RR

    Mmmm hmmm.
    Certain people attach a lot of importance to rep points (and friends lists).
    On another forum I check into occasionally, there's a bunch who pride themselves hugely on the amount of posts they have, asserting that because they have so many posts they are the experts on everything. One woman has something like 400,000 posts, which amounts to about 125 a day since she joined. I wondered how she managed to post so much so I checked out her history. She goes to the game thread and starts a thread like "Counting down from 100" and then will post "99", then another post with "98", then "97" and so on. Doesn't take long to get her 125 a day at that rate. I guess the mods there don't mind; it makes their forum look more active than it is.
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    ​That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, if any at all!

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    Can someone please explain to me, or direct me to a post explaining, reputation points? I don't know anything about how this works, and can't find anything about this feature.

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