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Pray for the gulf coast of florida....

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    Aug 2015
    We received a picture of one of our son's college friends house in Tallahassee. The ceiling was on the floor, but the roof appeared to be still in place.

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    Connecticut USA
    Wow, Manatee!

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    I think I'm in Florida, but I'm not sure any GPS blew away.
    Luckily, none of my relatives' houses sustained any damage. Limbs down is all. They're all on the other side of panama city beach, thank goodness.

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    My sister in south GA didn't have any damage, but their power is still out. At least the weather has cooled off some so it's not so miserable in the heat.

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    Stuck inside of Mobile, with the Memphis Blues again.
    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly View Post
    Trade, have you seen any effects of this current hurricane where you live?
    Just cloudy and a little breezy. It hit about 150 miles east of us. And the west side is the weaker side of a Hurricane.
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