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Are You A Book Lover?

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    I love to read but I have to be careful as to when I do it. Reading makes me so sleepy even though I haven't been reading for that long and didn't read that much. Because of this, I wait until it is closer to my bedtime before I start or I would be fighting sleep for the rest of the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruth n Jersey View Post
    I love to read. I usually read one and then listen to one because my eyes get tired, which is my own fault because if it is an extra good book I can't put it down. I use my Kindle or get books from the library. My library has a lot of large print books which are easier on the eyes.
    My wife reads both regular books and with her Kindle. She's also a book buyer and our house is overloaded with books. I'm a regular book reader and somehow can't get comfortable with the electronic books. Too old maybe? I rarely buy a book but make use of all of our surrounding libraries on a regular basis. Aside from some sports, I read far more than watch TV. I also hold library cards (for the past 19 years) in two towns in Maine and use them during our stays at the cottage.

    I am also receeding to some large print books as they are easier to read at night with artificial light, at least for me.

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    If you read books on a kindle you could choose the size of the type to up to very large and also the brightness of the back light. I really like that I can read in the dark without having to twist my neck to get closer to the lamp light. But I guess you already know this in that your wife sometimes uses the kindle to read. At first I really preferred print books, but I came to enjoy the benefits of the kindle even more. Check with your libraries because you can also borrow e-books.
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