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Chappaquiddick the movie

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    Chappaquiddick the movie

    Just finished watching "Chappaquiddick" on Netflix. When the event occurred, I was only about 15, and did not fully follow the news of it. The film is apparently based on witness statements and court records, but I am sure there is some dramatic license. All I can say is "really, Ted? Really?" A lot perpetuates the way the Kennedy's viewed themselves. In power, almost beyond reproach. He just wanted to make up scenarios about what happened to take guilt off him. Towards the end, one of his minions even chastises him for putting how it affects the Kennedy family over the life of Mary Jo. Sad.
    But, people still believed in him...
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    I watched it too. I think any ordinary schmuck would have gone to prison. As well they should have. But if you have wealth and power you can get away with almost anything.

    At the time I wasn't paying attention much to it. My mind was occupied with other things. I was only 6 weeks away from graduating from college and I knew that as soon as I did my ass was going to be reclassified 1-A and I would be drafted. Which is exactly what happened.
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    Good movie, but subject matter is disgusting. Yes, the Kennedys (and I'm sure most politicians) considered themselves above reproach. Sickening, really.

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    I would agree with what is a more blessed life could one have to have two brothers assassinated and the third one dying of brain cancer. That's about the most I will political get than what this thread had already become.
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