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The Conners

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    I saw some of the show... curiosity, I guess. I only saw the first episode last season...again, curiosity.

    John Goodman has lost so much weight, which is a good thing for health reasons, but he looks so different. They copied that "not sleeping in bed because spouse died" from All in the Family, which I watched regularly. Archie wouldn't sleep in his bed IIRC after Edith died.

    The show is a jumbled mess, imo. They're yanking too many things/issues from the headlines all at once...parents moving in with kids, interracial marriage, Afghanistan, prescription medication addiction, little boy being attracted to other boys. Guess they feel if they sling enough things at the wall something will stick.

    I never liked Roseanne, never thought she was funny, always hated her voice. I just don't think it's a good show - whether she's on it or not. Didn't watch the old show either, though I know it was popular.

    I won't be watching it again.

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    Ditto, applecruncher. I've never understood what was supposed to be funny about her.

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    Early in her standup career Roseann was mostly funny, but with a mean streak. Lots of comedians had a similar style and none appealed to me for very long.

    I rarely (once a year at most) caught the original Roseann show, but didn't watch it regularly because I found her and Sara Gilbert's characters so sarcastic that they often crossed the line to cruel and vicious. The only truly likeable character was John Goodman's.

    In real life, sadistic words and actions are neither forgiven nor forgotten a half hour later.
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    I was not a fan of her or her show the first time around, or in its' reboot. Not interested in the new one.
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    John Goodman 1979 Mennen commercial


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    After a couple of shows never watched the original again, thought the characters were all disgusting, didn't watch the new one with or without her. Still think she's disgusting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lara View Post
    I watched it only because I was slightly curious. It was dark and dramatic with a cast that wasn't good at playing dramatic roles. Dan looked thin and lifeless. Mixing humor with opioid addiction was uncomfortable to watch too.

    I have no empathy for Roseanne. Never have since she grabbed her crotch while singing the Nat'l Anthem disrespectfully in the opening of that baseball game. What goes around comes around.
    Agree. That was at a Padre game in San Diego. She has always been crude. I cannot stand her.
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