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Omega 6 Oils and More inflammation and Mucus Issues

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    Omega 6 Oils and More inflammation and Mucus Issues

    I think I uncovered some food issues. I had been eating almond butters for some time and then went back to Peanut Butters in the last year or so. I've been having a heavy mucus issue in the mornings and at night and now think it's the Peanut Butter I went back to...peanuts are grown in the ground and can be moldy.

    They are high in Omega 6 oils which are high inflammation oils.

    So back to Amond or Cashew butters as I do enjoy these on some fruit and crackers now and then. And COULD BE the inflammation in joints will lessen.

    Here is a list of why NOT to eat Peanut Butters:

    There are so many foods that heal and those that make us sicker.

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    I eat any nut butters minus peanut butter. It’s usually contaminated with mould since peanuts are so susceptible to it.
    note: referring to natural peanut butters not commercialized ones

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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