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What have you discovered about yourself since retiring?

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    Been retired for 26 years now. I don't think I've changed greatly, in my outlook. I have changed greatly in what I can and cannot do anymore. I recall how active my 60's and early 70's were. Traveling, long walks, helped my son build his house and he lived 2 states away (although small ones). Now, in our mid 80's, my wife and I have slowed down. Surrounded by a loving family (our 8th great grandchild expected in a couple of weeks), we have all the help and socializing that we need on a day to day basis.

    One difference from most folks that I've noted, while reading through various posts - -I've not made any new friends since retiring. Still have coffee with a couple of old ones but none new, and that's by choice. Maybe if the family wasn't nearby and/or my wife wasn't still by my side, I'd have a different outlook. I guess I'll never know.

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    One other thing I forgot to mention is how much I enjoy autumn now watching the leaves change,the cool,crisp air as I take my morning walks
    I never had the chance or the time to really appreciate it because I was too busy working,the days became a blur.On the weekends,I was too tired from the week to take notice.Sue
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    I figured out that I am getting older. I have been retired 21 years and still haven't run out of things to do or that need doing. What is in short supply sometimes is the energy to do them.

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    Never really watched the show "Younger" but on a commercial saw a great scene. The lead star was talking to a friend and she said something like:"I always thought that I was a genuinely good person. But it turns out that I'm really a bit of a sociopath."

    Now without having to always bust it out on the hamster wheel, I can reflect that, yeah, I was also (probably still am) a bit of a sociopath far too often. Hopefully with the time I have now I can correct that.
    I'd love to change the world but I don't know what to do.

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    the kids say i ask too many questions--i dont think i do --but enquireing minds want to know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leann View Post
    How have you changed since retiring? Have you found new hobbies and talents, reconnected with old friends, discovered something unexpected about yourself? I'm not yet fully retired but even in my semi-retired state, I feel I have changed in positive ways. It's an evolution and I like it. What about you?
    WOW I've changed. I have less energy now (but who cares) as I can't see me ever going back to work a serious job. I waste more time, because I can. I meet with a group of buddies at Mc Donalds and we laugh and gripe at world events. (like it matters?) I no longer talk about what I used to's in the past and won't buy me a cup of coffee at Mc D's. Everybody did something and whether you were a Doctor or a janitor, it was all important and God could care less. I spend more time taking care of my family as they are younger and 'sooo' busy. I enjoy snow storms and wacky weather. Fuss over my lawn too. Bottom line is I am happy and blessed and I thank God much more now that I no longer run the rat race. Peace and Love!

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