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The First Man

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    The First Man

    This afternoon,my movie buddy,Alexei&I went to see movie'The First Man' NASA in the 60's early space programs Gemini and Apollo,how Neil Armstrong became the 1st man to land on the moon in '69
    I learned some things about Armstrong,didn't know he and his wife Jane lost their young daughter,Karen to cancer,how it affected Neil the rest of his life, was a very private person unlike some of his fellow astronauts
    The producers/director used actual footage of the NASA programs along with the moon landing
    Ryan Gosling was good as Armstrong,as was British actress,Claire Foy who played Neil's wife, Jane,with a very convincing American accent The movie was directed by Damien Chazelle who directed Ryan last yr in'La,La Land'
    There were some intense scenes,you felt like you were right there. A few of the images remind us both of the movie'Gravity'
    We enjoyed it, our biggest complaint was the pace of the movie was too slow Sue
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    Oooh,...that sounds good. I wish it was on DVD or streaming already because I really don't like going to theaters anymore.
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    We where disappointed with the ending..

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    We want to see it too. Will wait for streaming. Thanks for the review.
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