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I finished my garden. Next spring will tell the tale.

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    I finished my garden. Next spring will tell the tale.

    Because of deer problems I redid the whole garden. I knew the outer fencing was high enough but they nibbled anything that grew near the fence. I put a section of fence right down the center of the garden. I'll plant my peas,string beans, and cucumbers on it. I ran a smaller size fence along the bottom of the whole garden to prevent the smaller varmints from getting in. Next spring we will see who won out.

    I had to give up a portion of the garden for the leaves. We live in a rural area but yet can't dump our leaves in the fields down the street and the town doesn't collect them. They expect us to bag them. We have an acre of property and a lot of trees. Bfinished garden (800x600).jpggarden fence (800x600).jpgagging them would be impossible.

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    Nice job!

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    Very nice!

    Hopefully, the fence will help keep the weeds out of the garden too!

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    VERY nice work Ruth. Good job.


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    Looks very nice Ruth, I know that must have been a lot of work but well worth it! Leaves are supposed to make good compost to mix in the soil, so it's not a waste to have them.

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