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Collard greens

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    When I was visiting in the south years ago, we went to this little local buffet style restaurant, I was loading up spinach on my plate. While eating it, I said I couldn't believe how wonderful they made spinach down there.

    Of course our friends roared because it was collard greens, not spinach! I never ate collards before, so I didn't know.

    Years later, a lady at my office brought collards in for one of our pot luck lunches, but when she explained how labor intensive they are to cook, I never did.

    I did try a can of collards; can't remember if it was Glory brand or Sylvia's. They were okay, but can't touch fresh, imo.

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    When I was in high school in Georgia, I became familiar with hominy grits (which I like) and also turnip greens which I don't, but I also don't like sum choy which is similar to turnip greens and they put into won ton noodle soup. It's too chewy for me. I don't remember having collard greens, but I probably did in the school lunch as well.

    A Choy is not a cabbage, it's a Lettuce, a member of the Daisy Family. All the varieties in this group are actually turnip greens - turnips bred for leaves and stems rather than root. The only Western green of this sort is Rapini (Italian broccoli).
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    Quote Originally Posted by applecruncher View Post
    They're low calorie, too.
    Not the way I like them. Chock full of greasy meat.

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    Collards, kale, beet greens, mustard greens...….love my leafy greens. I prefer fresh but I have tried the Glory canned greens and they're good, too.
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    I do not see collard greens up here in Quebec, but love spinach and swiss chard.
    Do not like kale, haven't had beet greens for years.

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    Another good brand of specialty vegetables that I find in my local Wegman's is Margaret Holmes.

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    Sylvia's has some good products, but I haven't seen them at the store in quite awhile.

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    Our local Wal-Mart carries both the Margaret Holmes things and also the Glory. I routinely buy several of the Margaret Holmes brand products and the Glory collards.

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