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Retiring early March 1 of 2019 .Pay off house or continue house payments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmdog44 View Post
    This is a very imortant issue because of your ages. I would seek the help if a certified financial planner. Enjoying your retirement is the most important issue. You don't want to add any burdens in your life now.
    i agree on letting a good planner review the whole situation and see what is the best way . like i said above doing what feels good vs what is best for you financially or makes the most financial sense usually do not coincide .

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    We kept our mortgage when strating retirement because it was a 2.75% interest rate. Still continue to pay extra each month and if we get "extra" cash I send it in as additonal principal. We would not withdraw from our retirement accounts unless the interest rate was at 5% or more. Were on target to pay off our mortgage sometime in 2021 which will be 5 years into retirement.

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