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Whole smoked turkey

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    Whole smoked turkey

    Sometimes during this season I have found whole, fully cooked smoked turkey. First time I found one my husband loved it. They are sold frozen. Past couple of years I have not found any, but this year they had them at Wal-Mart. So I bought two. One for now, and one for down the road. Maybe Christmas or New Year's.
    I always get a regular bird for Thanksgiving. Tradition and all since it is cooked, you do not have to prepare it, but I like to heat it through the first time. Had some gravy and scalloped taters. Then a few days of sandwiches.
    Today I took the last of it and made a big batch of soup. It had a nice, but not powerful smokey flavor. I will probably freeze some of it
    The one I found was a Butterball.
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    I'm going to look for that Marie. I love a smoky flavor in meats. Like you my Thanksgiving bird has to be a regular one but for Christmas or any holiday entertaining the smoky one would be great.

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    Me too, I'm going to look for one next time we're at the store.

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    My son in law either smokes, or deep fries a turkey at Thanksgiving. I've always been pretty traditional about the Thanksgiving bird, but after tasting what he cooks, I'm a convert for life. Both are amazing, so much more flavor than any traditionally cooked Thanksgiving turkey I've ever eaten, either my own or anyone else's. I slightly prefer the smoked turkey over the deep fried one, but happily eat either!
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    One of my vendors gave me a whole smoked turkey one year and mama and I didn't care for it at all.

    I don't know what the deal was but it was way too smoky tasting for us.....somebody said that it may have been injected with liquid smoke and then smoked.

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    Smoked turkey is one of my favorite meats (and I like most anything smoked). I use to smoke my own for thanksgiving when the kids lived at home.
    But a whole turkey is to much for just me.
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