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Immunotherapy to Cure Cancer

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    Cool Immunotherapy to Cure Cancer

    Billions, maybe trillions, to cure a disease that will affect 40% of humans in their lifetime. We’ve heard all sorts of stuff about amazing “cures” and procedures, but most of them involve cutting or excruciating pain from drug treatments.

    Could this truly be a breakthrough?
    How immunotherapy helps recognise and destroy cancer
    Approach one: CTLA-4 = Dendritic cells are antigens that the T-cell protein CTLA-4 would normally recognise as a threat. Cancer overstimulates the CTLA-4 which acts as a circuit breaker on this immune response
    Jim Allison’s lab developed an antibody which blocked CTLA-4 allowing the T-cell attack on cancer to take place
    Approach two: PD-1 = Cancer cells produce a molecule, PD-1, which prevents T-cells from recognising them as a threat. The inhibitor drug blocks the cancer’s ability to hide, allowing T-cells to destroy it
    And then there’s another called T-Cell Transfer that I won’t try to summarize here. But, it too appears to be promising.
    Is there a problem about this?
    Of course. Scientific and medical types tend to do what they know and have used. They look at new breakthrough with askance and thus those procedures may not find their way into the use they should. Immunotherapy, according to this article, was first approached in 1994 but it has only been recently that it has been recognized as a usable form of cancer treatment.
    This is a very lengthy article and can be read @

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    One needs to work on Prevention of Cancers.

    THere are Tons of info out there on Prevention by taking powerful antioxidants like: Pycnogenol, Grape Seed Extract and Vit C and some others as well. I'm into 24 yrs on the antioxidant wagon and at 80 in pretty good health. You can google just about Every health issue and Grape Seed Extract and get replies.

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    Sarge, thanks for your article. I must go over it more thoroughly, later.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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