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The oldies rave up at the disco.

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    The oldies rave up at the disco.

    Tonight, we are having a visit from my great grandmother. She will be coming to check that my skin is clear and that I haven't developed any more green and yellow spots. She won't be staying long as she, and the rest of the old bid...err ladies from the home where she lives, are on a girls night out.

    They will call at a pub first, knock back a few pints, and then it's onto the Disco Club. It's a safe bet that the younger generation will stand back and be WOWed with their version of Saturday Night Fever. Can you imagine two dozen oldies dancing around and kicking their legs in all directions?

    All the other ton up girls will join my great grandmother in a mass Michael Jackson moonwalk across the dance floor followed by a dozen spins and a jump and splits. The last time they did a jump and splits Mrs Fothergill's bloomers fell down and she fell to the floor. Everybody in the dancehall started singing, 'You Should Be Dancing, Yeah'.

    The last time they had one of these rave-ups, Mrs Plumstead was thrown out for pinching the bouncers bum. She was allowed back in though after she apologised to him and kissed it better. It's strange but, after that incident, Mrs Plumstead could not find her false teeth and the bouncer developed a pronounced limp, yelling everytime he tried to sit down.

    The highlight of the evening though is when my great-grandmother comes onto the dance floor with the club manager, dressed in silk pyjamas in a bubble car singing Greased Lightning. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and all the oldies will climb onto their motorbikes and ride off back to their care home. No doubt they will be back again...............................tomorrow.

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    Cute story!

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    My kind of folks!!

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