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My old Presto pressure cooker has served me well.

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    My old Presto pressure cooker has served me well.

    My Presto pressure cooker is 46 years old. I bought it along with my Duncan Hines cookware that I still use from when we first got married. I remember making baby food in it. I use it from time to time especially around the holidays and for foods that take a long time to cook.
    Yesterday I made the turnip for Thanksgiving that I froze and I will make the mashed potatoes in it on Thanksgiving Day. It frees up the stove and cooks them quickly.

    My Dad replaced the legs over 20 years ago and I think I went through 2 or 3 gaskets and safety valves which I can still buy.

    The newer models have a quick release for the steam. I have to pick this one up and put it in the sink and run cold water over it to release the safety. I suppose the newer ones are digital also. I prefer the old rocking method of the weight on top.

    The newer ones are smaller than mine. I can fit a huge pot roast inside or even 5 pounds of potatoes.

    It is beat up as you can see but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I really think it will out pressure cooker. (800x600).jpglive me.

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    I never became very skillful with a pressure cooker. I use mine only very rarely.

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    Looks like the one my mother used for years. I never used one.

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    I have an old stovetop Presto that I have loved for years. Of course now I use an Instant Pot that is much easier to deal with. That old electric looks really cool, Ruth.

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