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Cute photo of a deer in my yard today.

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    Just one of the reasons we are moving back to Colorado...…..Elk, White-Tail and Mule Deer. My wife has told me, "the first time I see one there, I'll have the biggest smile on my face and so excited". As for me, I'll have the camera ready.
    Love Rocky Mountain And Yellowstone National Parks

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    I really enjoy eating Elk. It's better than venison and actually no comparison.
    "Nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m."

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaBreeze View Post
    Very nice Bob, I love to see wildlife, we get some deer also behind our back fence.

    Oh that is a that actually in your Back garden SB? ...

    WE have deer here, although only little muntjac's ... we have Elk & Deer running wild and free in Richmond park on the opposite side of London to us..

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    What magnificent animals they are!

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    I'm enjoying everyone's deer photos...and your birdbath Ruth. I have one that is on the middle of my deck and has never cracked even with snow and ice. I never even thought of that but now that you mention it, my mother had a smaller, less heavy one that cracked.

    I would be devastated if mine cracked because it's one of a kind. I got the top scalloped dish from Lowes Hardware store but the pedestal came from my mother (quite heavy and was designed using a Grecian Cherubs(2) mold). It sounds terribly ornate but its just plain cement so that tones it down.

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