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I Don't Want Your Stuff

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    Over the past year, I have been editing my belongings, which sounds so much better than decluttering. LOL! I have so much that I don't need, or use anymore. Things I've held onto for God only knows what reason, but probably can be attributed to inertia. Objects at rest.... I have a beautiful breakfront filled with crystal and glassware that I never, ever use. Can't quite bring myself to do anything about it. My daughter doesn't want any of it, and I can't say I blame her. The thing that bugs me? I have many dresser scarves and linens hand embroidered by my grandmother. The work is beautiful. Everything has to be ironed. Nobody wants it. It's totally out of style. What to do? Absolutely no idea.

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    My Dad tried to get me to take his woodworking tools. I had no interest, or room, for them. I'm happy with the two, very small mementos I have, that were his, and two from my Mom. That's it. When I become late, I'm sure most of my stuff will be thrown in a roll-off dumpster. That doesn't concern me in the least bit.

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    I kept many mementos from when my kids were little. Drawings, report cards, their first lunch boxes, favorite books, clothes that had significance (first pair of overalls, shoes etc.) They were kept in my keepsake boxes, the kids all knew about the boxes, and as they got older, they'd bring me stuff to put in their keepsake box. As the kids left home to make lives of their own, I'd give them their keepsake boxes. There were half a dozen or more for each child. I told them flat out that as far as I was concerned, they were theirs to do with as they wished. They could take them straight to a dumpster if that's what they wanted.

    Interestingly each of my five kids went through the stuff, laughing at some of the stuff that was important to them when they told me to keep it. They all LOVED that I'd saved their favorite books. The ones who have kids have passed those books on and I get such a kick out of seeing a grandchild read or be read to from one of the books that belonged to their parents when the parents were little.

    I also get a HUGE kick out of seeing some of the clothes that my kids wore being worn by their children!!! It's still happening and I LOVE it.

    Over time, over the years, I've slowly pared down my own belongings, offering things to the kids, getting rid of what they don't want. I have very little of significance left, and that's just the way I want it. I'll keep the stuff with me till I die, bequeath certain things to certain people in my will, and the rest can be tossed. I've already discussed with my kids who wants what after I'm gone, to keep the bickering to a minimum
    Everything is always OK in the end. If it's not, then it's not the end!

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