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Your First Year of Marriage

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    Your First Year of Marriage

    First, did your routines suddenly change from engaged to married like less dating and more home time? Second, did you ever doubt your decision to marry in that first year?

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    We lived together for a couple of years before we married, so no real changes of routines. We loved our time together at home, especially when we got out of apartments and bought our first house. Never had any doubts about getting married, been married now for 42 years and enjoying each other's company every day.

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    Same here; we lived together for several months before we got married, so not much change. Never had any doubts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaBreeze View Post
    We loved our time together at home.
    We still talk about our first alone times....just home.

    I'd pretty much exhausted the bar scene before we met, and actually highly recommend a young single person to do just that.

    It wasn't what it was cracked up to be, even though I gave it my all.....and never looked back.

    One can only have so many bar fights, so many nine ball tournaments, so many romantic quests, before it all becomes redundant dreck.





    THAT...never gets old

    Heh, still doin' it
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    In my cause 2 months before I got married my future Husband got drafted. He finished Boot camp,came home we married and then he had to go back to the Base. So we really didn't get a chance to live together until he got out of the service. When we finally got to live together I thought it was Heaven.

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    I think I'm in Florida, but I'm not sure any GPS blew away.
    We really didn't know each other all that well, having had only two actual dates while he was home on leave and then nine months of longdistance courtship, during which we never set eyes on each other. I was in college on the east coast and he was stationed on the west coast. For some reason, it seemed the right thing to just cut to the chase and get married. Both families were appalled. My family came around; his didn't.

    He came home on leave just in time to get married, have a bit of a honeymoon and take off again to his post in Turkey. I followed four months later.

    So there we were, 21 and 23, hardly acquainted and living in a strange and exotic land, in an apartment in a small Turkish town. Yes, there were plenty of times I questioned why I had married him.

    We had to learn how to argue (there was one hell of a lot of sulking on both our parts for the first year) and how to get along. There was no running home to Mama for some comfort; there wasn't even any telephoning home except on special occasions. But life was interesting and we were young and adventurous and in love (most of the time) and 18 months after we were married, we were not only husband and wife, but Mama and Daddy.

    And, yes, I'd most likely do it again. We had a mostly good 38 years until I lost him almost 13 years ago.
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    We never married. We just hung out together and stayed hanging out together. We never did the bar thing. He just moved in and never left. Did I ever regret the decision to allow him to move in?
    Hell yes! Many times but he’s ‘still’ here.

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    I'm the same as some others... My first husband was in the Navy when we married.. he got a weekend leave for the wedding then straight back to sea for 3 months, after that he got leave for 7 days and we were able to move into Married quarter during that week, all very hectic, and then he was gone overseas for 7 months, so for the first year I didn't know him at all to live with, and I'd already made a home for me and our baby... so it was strange when he came back and lived with s for a few months before setting off again..

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    Like Seabreeze, we lived together for a couple years before we got married, so there was not a lot of difference. But when we were dating, we did do dinners and movies out a lot more. Then after we stayed in more.

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