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Hi I'm a New Member - need some encouragement

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    HI Fred welcome aboard to this friendly site

    I hope you have friends that are helping you ,wish you the best of luck in your move to Colorado
    Keep us updated as much as possible Sue in Buffalo,NY
    Walkers Take It All In Strides

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    welcome from georgia FRED

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    preston UK
    ​welcome from england Fred

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    North Carolina
    Hi Fred. You will LOVE Colorado! Below is a photo of Denver's City Park with the Rockies on the horizon. The Science Museum and Zoo are there. My daughter lived there until recently. I took walks around this lake because she lived a short block from it. She took me to visit Estes Park to the north and through Estes to the Rocky Mountain National Park...spectacular mountain scenery and saw lots of Elk.

    I agree with everyone here. Some of our possessions are like old friends that we'll miss if we don't take them. Keep those. Let go of the rest. As you look around say to yourself, "Are you an old friend? Will I miss you if I leave you?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nucmanchh View Post
    Hello fellow seniors

    My name is Fred. I'm a 70 yr old getting ready to sell everything & move from WVa to Colorado to be closer to daughter & grandchildren -- and it's scary as hell
    Hi Fred, and welcome from Florida. Good luck with your move too.

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