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Crimes of Grindelwald

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    Crimes of Grindelwald

    I have to preface this,my movie buddy,Alexei and I have read all the Harry Potter books,saw the movies loved them
    A couple days ago,we saw'Crimes of Grindelwald' which is the sequel to the 'Fantastic Beast' which we saw in 2016.
    The storyline in this movie is about an evil wizard,Grindelwald who wants to raise pure blood wizards and to rule over non magical beings.These movies are set 50 yrs before Harry Potter goes to wizard school,Hogwarts.
    We enjoyed this movie,fast paced much darker than the first one.It was a bit confusing in some scenes when we tried to figure out couple characters and their connection to others

    The same cast from the original was in this movie, Eddie Reymond,Katherine Waterston,Dan Folger were all terrific.A new member of the cast, Jude Law played young'Dumbledore'.Johnny Depp was very good in title role,platium hair with a fake eye.
    I recommend the movie especially if you have read theHP books/movies.If not you may be confused Sue
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    Loved the Harry Potter books and movies! I missed Fantastic Beasts when it came out in the theater, and haven't yet caught up though I know it's on Netflix and Amazon. I don't want to see Grindenwald until I've seen the first one! The reviews are mixed, but I don't care!
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    Planning to see it ASAP. Thanks for the review, MovieQueen
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