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Shoulder Surgery possibly in my future. Again

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    I tore the rotator cuff in my right shoulder about 5 years ago. My doctor sent me to a sports medicine specialist who gave me a cortisone shot, then set me up with a series of exercises to do on my home gym that, over a couple of months allowed the cuff to heal nicely. I had to substantially limit my outdoor physical activity, and be very careful how I lifted anything, but following the specialists exercises allowed things to heal nicely....without surgery, or any extended use of drugs. Now, years later, I have had no further problems...just remind myself that I'm no longer young, and need to be cautious about how I do things. If there is Any alternative to surgery, etc., I highly recommend trying it first, and keep things like surgery in mind as a Last resort.
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    Too much cortisone does weaken and break down the cartlidge. So be wary of those steroids.

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