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    does any one have problems with psoriasis and what did you do for it---i looks like i have some on my scalp

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    Better see a dermatologist. It may spread elsewhere.

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    Back in the day I don't think there was much that you could do for it because my stepdad had it really bad on his elbows and scalp and he fought it for years and years.

    I stand to be corrected but as far as I know there still is no absolute cure but there are laser treatments, oral medications, injections and prescription topical ointments that can help keep it under control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinkles View Post
    does any one have problems with psoriasis and what did you do for it---i looks like i have some on my scalp

    Yes, please see a doctor
    . As was said, there are several remedies. I have a friend who has plaque psoriasis, caused by an over-active auto immune system. Humira injections keep it under control.

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    go to for an excellent forum on psoriasis. I will caution you on the cost of some drugs like Humira. I was quoted $1,600 for the first in injection then $1,100 for the second and then $250 every two weeks for the remaining 10 months. $7.600/yr!! Other similar drugs are close to those prices. Psoriasis can spread, it can disappear and some people have great success with some of the treatments while other have little to none. It can go away from drug treatments but can returns at any time. Diet is also very important and you will learn of The Pagano Diet that has worked for many. Find a doctor that will explore all options versus one that simply recommends only one course of action. There is no cure for psoriasis, only remedies.

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    I have it, chase it, & yet to control it. Enstilar cost $1100,00 per can , last about one month, it is a topical. as for Humira..

    "The lowest GoodRx price for the most common version of Humira is around $4,846.48, 13% off the average retail price of $5,591.52. Compare TNF blockers."

    I have been to , two dermatologist , both suggested Enstilar, not much help. One suggested Humira , the possible side-effects scare me off. Yes I know they are CYA on their part. But once you encounter said problems , if you encounter said problems ?? There's no going back.

    I wish I had better / more positive answers....but I do not, if you hear of something? please share. I will do the same.

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