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My Post-Surgery Cataract Problems

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    My Post-Surgery Cataract Problems

    For me, I wasn't told by my surgeon about any possible problems that could arise after my cataract surgeries. But.....

    "Eyelid droop" from the clamp that is used to keep the eye open that surgery is being done on. This clamp loosens the strength of the muscle that completely opens the eyelid. Sometimes the strength of that muscle will come back, sometimes not. Then, eyelid surgery might have to happen. I have a little "droopy eyelid" on my left eye.

    ther problem, deals with both the retina (possible detachment during surgery) and/or Negative Dysphotopsia. Negative Dysphotosia is due to the size of the new IOL that is put into the eye. It causes a vertical blackline or crescent to appear at the side of the eye/eyes by the temple. I read that, with time, this could (note the word "could") go away or the new IOL might have to be replaced.

    Well, I sure don't want to go thru any more eye surgeries, but. I see my OD tomorrow and will see what he says.

    Know anything about these two problems?
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    No but I have a friend who had surgery on both eyes last month, two weeks apart. She has some kind of infection if I understood her right.
    She is at dr.s today.
    Hope it all works out for you though.

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    Unfortunately, my OD was of no help with my "black blinders" problem. He actually talked to me like he really didn't know what my problem was. I'm thinking that, perhaps, he wasn't taught this problem in OD college. He told me that he'd never had a post-cataract patient complain about a problem like this. Well, I sure can't help if some people had it and didn't complain/report it to their OD or surgeon or if there are those that didn't have it at all. I've got it and wanted to know what the problem was, which he couldn't tell me. However, I did find out that my vision in the left eye is 20/20 and in right eye is 20/25. The right eye has certain came around from when I last seen him.

    So, will now contact my surgeon's office and see when I can get in to see her.

    What I have is intermittent, so it doesn't happen all the time...….but, does happen. Wife and I spent enough out-of-pocket money for each of my eyes, that I should be able to be told something about a problem I now have after surgery.
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