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The Definitive Guide to Tipping at Any Restaurant in America

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    Sign in a restaurant:

    "Thank you for helping to pay our employees by tipping.

    Otherwise, you couldn't afford to eat here.
    The Mgmt. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keesha View Post
    At restaurants, generally 15 to 20%
    Delivery truck drivers usually $15 to $20
    When I went to hairdressers I usually tipped anywhere from $5 to $10
    We never use taxi services and we also donít usually tip when we stay at a hotel. Iím not sure why?
    Perhaps itís because Iíve never done that type of labour but did waitressing to get me through school and it was, by far, the best money I ever made.

    I believe Iím a very grateful person and like to show it
    i recently went on a weekend trip with one of my daughters who spends about two weeks a month on the road for business. She tips the housekeeping staff a couple of bucks a day. She is currently into Ďbeing greení in hotels, meaning no housekeeping (short says, two days or so), then she tips at the end of her stay for whoever has to clean her room. The reason, when in college, she had to train in a hotel and learned just how shitty and thankless a housekeepers job is.

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    I generally don't tip if I pay before I eat. There is a sandwich shop chain where you place your own order by checking boxes on the bag, then you pay, then you wait until your name is called and you pick up your sandwich. And they have a tip jar. Um, I don't think so. I think tips should be earned. I thought the whole point was to encourage good service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadishRose View Post
    Sign in a restaurant:

    "Thank you for helping to pay our employees by tipping.

    Otherwise, you couldn't afford to eat here.
    The Mgmt. "
    I'd find the cheapskate owner, tell him/her I have no desire to eat there, and that it's their responsibility to pay employees a fair wage. Then I'd walk out and also discourage friends and relatives from eating at that restaurant.

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    CarolfromTX, I think you thought right.

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