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An Awesome Shower Control

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    Bath mixer taps.jpg

    This is my thermostat controlled mixer taps,....

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    Maybe a thermometer by the doors to let us know what to wear when we go outside. Maybe a hunger meter or sleep meter to let us know when to eat and sleep.

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    A complete waste of money, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollydolly View Post
    I already have one with a thermostat, it's on the shower mixer tap. my o/h fitted it about 2 years ago and it works well unlike the one in the OP..

    I have to always turn it up after he's had a shower, he has his at 36 deg and I have mine at 38...36 deg is wayyy too cold for me..
    So is 38 way too cold. At 32F water freezes.

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    My shower control is a round plate mounted against the wall, with a lever in front of it that you swivel around. When the shower is turned off, the lever is pointing down, which would be 6:00 if it were a clock. Turning it on by swiveling around to the right, I keep going past 12:00, and stop at around 10:00. That's always the perfect temperature. It comes on at that temperature right away.

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