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Edible Honey Bee Vaccine :)

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    Edible Honey Bee Vaccine :)

    What a great breakthru for our important winged insects

    Goodbye April, hello May...queen of blossoms and fulfilling flowers.....

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    This is the first I have read that they have identified what was causing the problem with the bees. I hope it works. Sometimes when they fool with Mother Nature they cause bigger problems.

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    I think I'm in Florida, but I'm not sure any GPS blew away.
    My daughter and son-in-law have an apiary and honey operation as their side business. They worry a lot about the health of their bees.
    If we're ever in a situation where I am "the voice of reason", then we are in a very, very bad situation.

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    Bees are in trouble and that means so are we. Hooray for the scientists!!!!!!!!

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