I have mentioned before about my Apple Watch, and how much I love it because it does so many things besides being a watch and a wristphone.

The health options are maybe the very best part, and now it can even take an EKG in about 30 seconds.
My daughter got me one of the new Series 4 Apple Watch’s , which has the EKG capability, but the app to be able to actually do this only was released yesterday ; so naturally, I had to try it and see how it works.
The sensors are on the underside of the watch, and one in the side dial, so just by placing my finger on the dial, the watch can read it, and you can see it on the watch as it records your heart rhythm.
It saves the result into the Apple Health app on my iPhone, and can even be sent to my doctor if I needed to do that.
The watch already monitors my heartbeat, and will alert me if it is unexpectedly too low or high, or if it is in a-fib, and I can check my heartrate at any time.
When I am exercising, it tracks all of my activity, and it also can sense if I should fall, and will ask me if I am okay or need help. If I don’t respond, it automatically calls for help, and alerts my emergency contacts.

I really LOVE all of the ways that this watch helps me to monitor my health, and I think it is something that just about any senior would benefit from having, especially people like myself that have heart issues.