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Tree cutting gone bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treeguy64 View Post
    I'll hopefully avoid root fails, due to rot, in the future, too.
    Man, treeguy, that has to be wunna the most dangerous jobs on the planet.

    My hardhat is off to you


    Careful up there
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    We're having beautiful weather for January....hit 60 degrees today. I got out this morning and took down about 10 small 3 to 6 inch diameter live trees at the edge of the forest....needed some "green" wood to keep the outdoor wood furnace going at night. It's really nice to put the chainsaw to use in this kind of weather, without having to worry about tick and bug bites, etc. The hardest part of the job was stopping frequently to move the branches out of the way, so I wouldn't trip over one with the chainsaw revved up.
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    Just around the corner from me last week, a couple guys were trying to cut down a storm damaged tree. They managed to crash it onto their garage roof, from whence it then rolled down and crashed into the RV parked in the driveway. It pretty well demolished the RV roof and it looked like it seriously damaged the parapet of the roof as well.

    Sometimes it just doesn't pay to try to do it yourself. I dunno how much it would have cost to get a professional tree guy to do it, but I'd bet it would have been a lot less than to replace a big chunk of roof on your house and your RV, too.

    I wonder if car insurance pays for cutting down a tree and demolishing your own vehicle?

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