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I hope you had a Wonderful Christmas ....

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    I hope you had a Wonderful Christmas ....

    I just got home from a Wonderful 2 days celebrating Christmas and Christmas Eve with family. Hubby and I went to my daughters Christmas Eve for our traditional Christmas eve dinner. Since I am Italian we have a 7 Fish dinner. I have to be honest I am still stuffed from yesterday. My Son and his family and my daughter and her family were all there. So I got to spend time with my loved ones. My 2 older grandchildren (My grandson's) were their with their girlfriends who are lovely girls. I don't get to see them as much as I would like because they are in college and live on Campus. My other grandchild in an 8yr old little girl. She lives near me now and I could just eat her all up. She is a doll. My son-in-laws family was also there. They love our 7 fish dinner.

    Today we had a wonderful breakfast and dinner and we just got home. Both days were Wonderful and now I am just going to think about everything that happened and enjoy those moments again and again. I hope everyone here had an enjoyable time like I did.

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    Happy to hear your Christmas with family was so wonderful Sassycakes. What is the 7 fish dinner, is it seven different kinds of fish prepared in different ways? We had a quiet day at home and enjoyed our homemade Gumbo.

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    I had one of the best Christmases ever. My husband, brother and sister in law drove to see my parents . We brought some ham and they brought turkey; I brought gluten free cake. After dinner we went for a walk on the beach and serenaded my parents with Christmas carols. My brother hadn’t played his trumpet for over 10 years and I just bought my saxophone 2 1/2 weeks ago but we managed to play dozen Christmas carols in harmony and it was so much fun. I meant to get my husband to take pictures of us but I forgot to ask.

    Some gf gingerbreads I make yearly and a little Christmas tree we brought over for them.8F0F0C95-DEAC-4B70-AA7A-CE02418ED979.jpg

    You sound like you had had a great time too sassycakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaBreeze View Post
    Happy to hear your Christmas with family was so wonderful Sassycakes. What is the 7 fish dinner, is it seven different kinds of fish prepared in different ways? We had a quiet day at home and enjoyed our homemade Gumbo.

    Yes it is 7 different fishes. The sometimes change some years by people that are coming to dinner and like some fish different that we usually make but we always keep it to 7. Usually crab, mussels ,shrimp, calamri, scallops, Smelts ,Oysters.

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    We also had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We host a small Christmas Eve party (family plus a few - there were 16 this year), go to our SIL & daughter's house on Christmas morning so we can watch their family open gifts. In the afternoon our kids and their families all come to our house for a Christmas Day dinner, gift exchange and a grab bag.

    Our daughter's children (our only grands) are 7 and 4, so they're lots of fun and reasonably civilized, but still have their moments. Having been down this pathway with three of our own, we don't pay too much attention to the drama-of-the-moment. Talk about "this too shall pass" - sure, it requires some steely parental intervention, but truly nothing cures a 2 year old's tantrums more effectively than that kid turning 3.

    In order to get to where we are - having adult children who we love to spend time with - one has to get through the challenges of raising them. I am so glad we invested our time, money and energy into our children. While we have some dear friends and continue to go on various adventures, our children and our two grands are the delight of our lives.
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    No family where we live and, for the last 15 years, it's just been wife and I. Unfortunately my wife got a sinus cold/infection (allergy thing) and we weren't able to go to Christmas Eve Service and yesterday, Christmas Day, we didn't even open any of our gifts yet. Just sort of laid around and rested. I was having a little upset stomach, so we didn't even have a Christmas Dinner at home, like planned.

    Wife sees her doctor tomorrow for her annual check-up and hopefully he will give her an anti-biotic to kill the infection. She had the same thing last January.

    However, it was a nice Christmas, because we were together!
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