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These children are so resilient!

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    These children are so resilient!

    Three of my 10 grandchildren. They lost their mother suddenly last year (23 December 2017) Her birthday was 17th December. They lost their stepfather, who they adored, the year before. They've had a very rough go of it. They're currently living with their other Grandma (who is also a dear friend of mine.) This past couple of weeks have been particularly difficult as they approached their mother's birthday, then the anniversary of her death, while also still struggling with the loss of their stepfather. These babies have been through so much and yet they're managing to prevail in spite of the loss and grief. I love them deeply, and I admire their strength and resiliency tremendously.

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    They are beautiful, brave girls who have suffered more than their share at their youthful age. May they go many, many years without heartache and experience only joy. My sympathies to you as well, Ronni. Gorgeous picture.

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    Beautiful picture, and what terribly tragic losses those youngsters have had to endure in such a short time. Thank goodness they have two sets of grandparents who love and want to care for them...

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    Bless their little hearts! They are so fortunate to have grandmothers like the 2 of you. What a beautiful photo.

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    Such strong girls! Thank goodness they have their grandmas.
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    Nice photo Ronni, very sweet girls. So happy that they have such strong support from family, they definitely have been through a lot and need it. They really are to be admired for their strength, kudos and hugs to all of you.

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    My heart goes out to these girls, and you also Ronnie. I hope so hard they can continue to cope...altho' their youth has been beaten down. Thank goodness they have each other and their grandparents!

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