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2019 - How is The Weather Where You Live?

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    Nov 2014
    central Missouri

    We just had another round of heavy rain last night....BUT around 11:30 PM, the state capital, Jefferson City, got hammered with a big tornado. I had to go up there today for all my annual Medicare exams, and afterwards I drove around the area. The tornado hit about a mile South of the hospital, and tore up a couple of nice multi story hotels/motels, destroyed a big school (had it hit during the day, hundreds of kids might have been injured or killed), did heavy damage to a huge Chevy dealership and probably damaged 300+ cars in the lot, obliterated a huge section of stores and houses...the damage probably stretched for a mile, or more. It was a miracle that no one got killed....just 25 or so rushed to the hospital. The entire area, stretching for 3 or 4 miles is littered with debris....roofing, insulation, pieces of lumber, and trees,etc. This is probably the worst one to hit this state since Joplin, MO got shredded about 8 years ago.
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    We have had very unusual weather for NW AZ. It's been cold and last early evening, we had a hail storm with thunder. Thank goodness our weather patterns move through very fast. It's been cloudy and rainy off and on. Mind you, this time of year we'd have the air conditioner running and we'd have our morning coffee out on the patio but it's been too chilly in the mornings. Wind is not unusual here but the other day it was gusting at 44 MPH!! This morning the temp. was 48*! That's January temps. for here.

    I'm not really complaining because we could be dealing with much worse weather. My heart goes out to all those effected by flooding and tornadoes. I don't particularly like AZ, but I'm glad we're here despite the chilly temps lately. I know it won't last long and then they'll be soaring up to 100*. At least I'm not paying for the air conditioner to run....although, today, I've been tempted to turn on the heat...haha.

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    Southwest, USA
    Rain, rain, rain for last two weeks-rain, rain, rain, for the next two weeks. Ugh.

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    Don, I heard about that tornado and was thinking about you, glad you're okay. My sympathy to all who were affected. We had no rain (or snow) today, but it was overcast and around 50 degrees. Supposed to get some sun tomorrow and 70s through the weekend.

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    We were 85 yesterday--I don't like it that hot so I had the blinds and windows shut to keep the hot air out. It is very early morning now and it's in the upper 60s and quite comfortable. Today will be rainy according to the forecast and another warm day.

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