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Bad Health News

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    Bad Health News

    What do you do when you get bad health news?

    I asked this question a few years ago and the replies
    were mixed, some had nothing really to do with the

    Anyway, I was told last year by my urology Consultant
    that he "Can do no more for me, till the next big thing".

    Already prior to this meeting, I had, had a Prostate
    Arterial Embolization, which was a success and I ended
    with a smaller prostate, but my bladder had stopped
    working, the years of having to use a catheter, meant that
    my bladder didn't need to squeeze to get the urine out and
    it has stopped working!

    I didn't despair as I am an engineer and in my life there is
    always a solution to any problem.

    So my search began, I found out about "Photobiomodulation"
    a therapy that is only lights, either red, or infrared, or both,
    so I had a look at it, but the $46,000.00 price tag for a bed
    that looked like a "Sun Tan Bed" sort of put me off.

    So I built my own using the grow panels that are sold for the
    use of "Indoor Growers" and we all know who they might be.

    Photobiomodulation therapy is big in Russia, they have used it
    since 1903 or 1907, but didn't tell the rest of the world, a Russian
    Doctor confirmed that it is the most prescribed therapy before
    drugs as it is cheaper.

    Red and blue light is good for the skin and complexion and penetrates
    the skin about 1 inch, the infrared light on the other hand penetrates
    about 4 inches and is good for internal organs.

    This in my case turned out to be a slow process, though in the
    case of a friend who had damaged her ankle a couple of years
    ago, when she tried the lights, especially the infrared, the swelling

    in her ankle went down after a few of sessions.

    I have now bought a "Microcurrent" machine, this is aimed mainly at
    the "Weight Loss & Beauty" people, but I hope that it might just help
    me to become normal again.

    The microcurrent machine, looks like it works in a linear fashion on any
    muscle, but the bladder isn't any normal muscle, so I am hoping that
    the microcurrents find the bladder and give it a boost.

    I will let you know how I get on, as I am sure there are many prostate
    sufferers here, though they don't broadcast the fact.

    Since my operation, I am a speaker at patient support groups in the

    Everybody gets worried when their waterworks stop working properly
    as it can be fatal, but they are too embarrassed to discuss this very
    serious problem.

    So if anybody here would like to talk to somebody who has been and
    done it since late 2001, please send me a PM, I am not trying to sell
    anything, or to promote anything, I just want to give you some Peace
    of Mind.

    A Scot Living in Croydon.

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    Good luck to you with your experiment. Can't hurt, and hopefully it will help!

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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