It's my 1st post so hi everyone.

I'm not "old", but I think it's the best place to ask.
I'm 25. I like to watch to old movies, listen to old songs, i love it. Makes me feel so... happy. Very often i have a feeling that i have been born in wrong times. Did any of you had simmilar feeling back when you were at my age? (I was going to say "in childhood", but actually I'm not a kid anymore..).
I'm just thinking if it's related to the times we are living in now, or it's just me, or it doesn't really matter. Anyway.. Now, when you have so many memories, so much life experience, you remember old (young) times, what advice would you give me, to have a possibly the best life? What is making the life better, that difference which makes you happy about it after a years?
Or what in your opinion people do wrong now? what is the difference between now and then that makes old times better (if so)? Just want to listen to people who really know something about life, and i think it's the best place..
Sorry for poor language