I believe Hot Flashes were just mentioned and I just found this out tonight. I keep learning.

I keep getting info that I'd NEVER get if I still had cable plugged in. Tonight hearing a MD and radio commentator on a health program talking about Hot Flashes. The MD was of course prescribing HRT and many due to cancer fears cannot take estrogen replacement.

A woman called in saying that she has her hot flashes under control with 9mg of Boron and so I looked this up and sure enough there is info on this. She started out with 6mg and then went to 9mg. Boron comes in 3mg caps so gotta take at least 3 to get the 9mg. I take boron daily for bone health and I take 12mg, I'm not gone with the hot flashes.


It's been so long since I've had hot flashes but I'm sure there is an audience here who still are there in their lives.