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If you had in-laws ,were they good or bad ,or crazy ?

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    It's great that they were polite and nice.

    I would have settled for polite and/or nice from my in-laws.

    My son's girlfriend is Chinese. Born in China and moved here, I think, at a younger age with her parents. I remember the first time I asked my son do due something in her presence. He said, as usual, he'd do it in the next week or so. And he would. She nudged him and said "you do now!" . Neither wishes to marry, they are in the over 45 crowd.

    No offense meant, but her attitude is working great for me and my husband! Lol. (I think she would be considered 2nd generation. She speaks two dialects. They have traveled to China as she has lots of relatives there.) I told my son he can't break up with her until I die. In fairness, I told my daughter she can't move till I die.

    As as I mentioned, I was in a nursing home for 24 hours. They were neither skilled or caring, but charged 3000 for that 24 hours.

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    Mine were ok far as inlaws go. My MIL passed a couple years ago and I really miss her. It was't always like that though. time heals all I guess.

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