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Do you have family traditions about birthdays?

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    Do you have family traditions about birthdays?

    Because all but one of my children live close by, and because I've done it all their lives, we still celebrate everyone's birthdays as a family, regardless of whatever else they might individually do for their birthday.

    Our tradition is that we all get together for dinner, and the birthday "child" gets to pick the menu, which can be whatever they want. It's always some combination of food that I used to cook when they were little. Mum's spaghetti, mushroom chicken, burrito surprise, macho nachos, meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy, mushroom burgers with swiss cheese, broccoli casserole...these are some of the most requested items.

    They also get whatever dessert they want as their "birthday cake." Sometimes it's my cheesecake, or bread pudding. Apple pie. Banana bread. One time it was even just a tub of coffee ice cream! Whatever it is, at the end of the dinner meal, we put a few candles in it and sing happy birthday. There are usually a couple of presents to open, and then we might play a game or two.

    Mostly it's just family, though the birthday person can invite whomever else they want. There are the grandkids of course, and often one of the grandkids will want to invite a friend or two. Just with family ... kids and grandkids...there are typically 15+ people.

    The tradition has extended now to the spouses of my kids who want to celebrate their birthday the same way. And now a couple of the older grandkids are getting into it, wanting a dinner just like Mom or Dad has...even though I always do something with the grandkids individually for their birthday. It's getting out of hand lol!!!

    What about you? Any particular traditions surrounding the way you celebrate birthdays for your kinfolk?
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    My daughter, her boyfriend and I always have a meal out to celebrate our birthdays and spend Christmas together in a hotel
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    I think I'm in Florida, but I'm not sure any GPS blew away.
    We have a special birthday song and somebody (usually me) has to call the birthday person first thing in the morning and sing it.
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    When we lived in So California, where my wife's immediate family lives, part of the family, that lived close to each other, would get together and celebrate birthdays. That was lots of fun, but after we moved out of California, that all ended. Now it's just my wife and I that celebrate birthday and holidays together, but that's fine with us.
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    Yes we have family birthday traditions.
    On MY birthday my husband goes all out and surprises me with lavish gifts , flowers and candies.
    On his birthday I buy him a gift.

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    We have a birthday party, at my house, in January where we celebrate everyones birthday. It makes it easier for us and that way no one gets hurt feelings if I forget to call on their exact birthday. Which I do.

    However, our son with DS never forgets to call family members on their individual birthdays and sings happy birthday to them. Everyone looks forward to his call.

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    We did when our children were younger and living at home. Now they are scattered to the winds.

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    Nah, Not since we were kids. NOW, I hate to see them come around.

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    Normally a dinner and get together.

    Tomorrow is the get together for my husbands birthday.

    I wimped out this year, daughter is picking up chicken and I'm cookin all the fixins' to go with.

    I made cole slaw and a pineapple upside down cake today.Tomorrow I'll fix mashed potatoes ,gravy,corn on the cob,and rolls.
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    We're coming up on son #2's birthday, and also one of my granddaughter's birthday, end of March. They share the same date. She doesn't care what she eats, my son on the other hand looks forward to his birthday every year so he can get a favorite meal or combination of foods.

    This year he's already put in his order....he wants Thanksgiving food!!! He gave me a list of items, because I typically make at least 7 sides and he doesn't want everything, just selected ones.

    The things I do for my kids....
    Everything is always OK in the end. If it's not, then it's not the end!

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