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If you think houses are expensive here....check this out.

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    hgtv-uh oh

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken N Tx View Post
    We watch House Hunters on HGTV and it amazes us what houses cost around the globe!!
    A strong local economy and demand help keep those prices high, not just in touristy spots.

    But HGTV-eek. In North America I partly blame HGTV for housing inflation in many areas and/or neighborhood around the country. Everyone wants the wow factor when they buy now. If they can afford it they'll get it. And sometimes the seller will give it/pay for it. BUT trying to keep up with HGTV standards can break someone's piggy bank pretty fast. People have to realize alot of those people/home owners chosen for most of those shows in effect won a prize of 50-100K in renovations sometime. The average home owner can't put that much in their home prior to selling. Nor can alot of buyers pay for it in price either. The latest trend in our area quick as-is cash sales, many are starting to forgo the popular selling practices of the past because of cost. Sadly many actual home buyers are beaten out by flippers and investors before they can get bargain pricing on a house which also adds to the housing inflation.

    I've also heard Vancouver is pretty expensive. I never though I'd see the day where I would see homes change hands like baseball cards or stamps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollydolly View Post
    Exactly the same here..the further North, the cheaper the properties.. The property here in the south is the most expensive in the whole of the country ..I could buy an 8-10 bed house with a lot more land up North ( especially Scotland ) for what mine costs here...
    Is it colder and in a different growing zone?
    We are a zone 4/5 here but up at the place is a zone 3 so many of the plants that Iím used to growing as perennials would be annuals but I once considered moving that far away but then considered that Seasonal Affective Disorder would be far worse also.

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