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Your favorite movie(s) that you can watch over and over.

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    What fun to see all the lists! The ones I watch, whenever they are on TV plus a few others I own:

    "Outlander" - love science fiction and Vikings!
    Anything by Studio Ghibli - "Spirited Away" and "My Neighbor Totoro" - my favorites, the backgrounds are amazing! (Japanese anime)
    "Overboard" with Goldi Hawn and Kurt Russell - must the chemistry, it just always tickles me
    "Pride & Prejudice" - with Colin Firth - only that version
    "Serenity" - BIG Firefly fan
    "Guardians of the Galaxy" - what fun
    Any of the "Thin Man" movies - I adore Myrna Loy's character
    "Willow" - LOTR lite and easier to watch
    "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" - never tire of that one!
    I am sure there are more....

    Love the old movies and the TCM channel on cable.

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    A few that come to mind..Driving Miss Daisy...Cast Away....Terms of Endearment....African Queen....On Golden Pond

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