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Do you ever find yourself alone on holidays?

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    Never have. My wife and I do not have an extended family, only our own kids and their families. We all live in southern New England and birthdays, graduations, marriages, etc., are shared by us all. It's unlikely that either either my wife or I (now in our 80's) will find ourselves alone, as our kids include us in all of the family events. Even now, when night time driving is not possible for us, they always arrange among themselves, to get "mom and dad" back home after dark or have us stay over for a couple of days at their homes.

    We worked from the time the kids were born to form a closeknit family and evidently did some things right and now are enjoying the fruits of our labor.

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    I feel all alone on Christmas because I have seasonal depression. Christmas in our home while I was growing up, was the most joyous times of my life while living with Mom and Dad.

    I have to go off by myself for about an hour and just meditate and think back of how it was back then. I even find myself talking to them. Itís a very sad day, but I have to put on a happy face, so I donít ruin the day for my family. I think we have good Christmasís now. At least, I never heard anyone complain.

    We had some Christmasís back in the day that would make a good holiday movie. I would put my trains up at Christmas time on their own platform. It would take me a couple of days to get it all set-up with all the scenery items. My Dad played with the trains as much or maybe more than I did. And, our cat loved to cause train derailments.

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