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What book are you reading at the moment? Are you reading on paper or on an e-reader?

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    I couldn't get into the book,'Eleanor Oliphant,lasted 50 pgs,not a good writer in my opinion
    Yesterday,started Dan Brown's latest,'Origin'
    Walkers Take It All In Strides

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    London England
    I just got 2 new books to read on my kindle and Ipad...

    A political best-seller by Robert Peston, called WTF

    ...and the other is...

    If only they didn't speak English ( notes from Trumps America) by Jon Sopel

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    I'm almost finished reading Nicholas Carr's best selling book, "The Shallows."

    See my topic about it here:

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    I've been reading on my Kindle or listening to books from my library for quite awhile now and enjoying it. The other day I went to the library with my hubby who wanted to pick up a couple of DVD's. I wandered over to the books and before I knew it I had an arm full. I started one a few days ago called, These Healing Hills, by Ann H. Gabhart. If anyone enjoys watching the Call the Midwife series on PBS they will love this book. Same concept but takes place in the Appalachian Mountains. Nice to hold a real book in my hands. I think I will alternate from now on.

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